Who We Are

How the idea of Rainbow Kilts started...

Taking Pride in Who You Are

Pride Shines Through..

This is something that I have wanted to do for some 20 years now and have finally pluck up the courage to take it further.

A dream of mine is to combine the fact that I am Scottish...and proud.. and gay and proud...and what better way to do it than through a kilt.

Having a sister that’s a time served machinist is very handy too, so together we put this new company together. 

We hope you like the end result as much as we do!

Quality Matters

As you can see this is a quality kilt, well made with 8 yards of tartan. It feels the way you expect a kilt to, in the way it moves and hangs.

There are also 5 yard kilts out there. I bought one on the internet for £35 - and boy did I get what I paid for! The quality was awful! Some compensate for the lack of material by making fewer pleats, others compensate by making smaller pleats that don’t swish the same way.

I opted for a made to measure Macpherson tartan from my mother’s maiden name. l also wanted a kilt I could dress up in and be comfortable at any wedding...even my own one day...

I would recommend spending enough on your kilt to get some quality, maybe even a second hand one would suffice. The investment should hopefully last you a lifetime and once you add in some pride flashes...you'll stand out at ANY occasion!

We'd love to fiddle with your kilt!

Add some flashes of gay pride and accentuate what is already a beautiful garment with a sneaky peak of the real you.
Order your kilt upgrade!