Adding a Hint of Pride

Bespoke Service for Kilts

Gay Weddings

I in 8 weddings are now same sex. We have had the privilege
of being asked to give our unique touch to some wonderful wedding ceremonies and look forward to many more in the future.


The perfect occasion to show off your kilt! What could be better than wearing your kilt with a dash of pride being revealed at every swish.

What it costs?

Adding Some Bespoke Pride To Your Kilt

We charge £150 to upgrade your kilt to our pride look. Time is taken to craft the tiny rainbow flags into each pleat so that your kilt remains looking and hanging the way you expect.

As you might think, the quality of your kilt matters and we would very much advise you invest when it comes to your kilt choice. On multiple occasions we've worked with cheaper variants and found them to look a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for.

You are obviously free to supply us with a kilt from any source, but if you do need a recommendation for a quality kilt maker, we would have no hesitation in suggesting Houston Traditional Kiltmakers of Paisley. They have been making kilts for over 100 years using only the best materials and craftspeople. Their range if tartans is extensive (they even make bespoke tartans) and their wealth of knowledge invaluable.
Please click on the link below to connect to their site.

Link to Houston's Kiltmaker

A Wedding to Remember

More and more people are choosing a Humanist wedding, as it provides a completely personal perspective for your important day. We're (slightly) biased because she's a family member, but if you happen to be on the search for just the right Humanist Celebrant, please get in touch with Chris Simm, you can get to her facebook page by clicking her logo below.